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Welcome to SSS Paso Fino! At SSS Paso Fino, we take pride in offering purebred Paso Fino horses with a lineage that supports their heritage. Our specimens are carefully selected and bred to maintain the authenticity and excellence of this marvelous breed. If you are in search of a purebred Paso Fino horse, you have come to the right place. SSS Paso Fino has an exceptional selection of horses with impeccable genetic backgrounds that set them apart. These horses possess the unique and elegant gait that characterizes the Paso Fino, providing an unparalleled riding experience. Our commitment is to ensure that each Paso Fino horse in our selection is an exemplar of exceptional quality. We ensure that these horses are bred and trained to the highest standards, guaranteeing their beauty, temperament, and abilities. At SSS Paso Fino, we value the history and purity of the Paso Fino breed, which is why we offer horses with authentic pedigrees. Each of our specimens has a unique story that supports their lineage, which is particularly relevant for those seeking to preserve and promote the pure breed. We invite you to discover the elegance and charm of purebred Paso Fino horses at SSS Paso Fino. Contact us today to obtain more information about our available horse selection and learn how you can make your dream of owning an authentic purebred Paso Fino come true.

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Beautiful place and well managed as well as taken care of!

Elsa Cristina Alfonzo Echeverri

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The trainers are very knowledgeable and patient. I am very happy with my horses progress.

Shirlene Barnard